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Helping homeowners protect their biggest asset by providing solutions such as basement waterproofing, foundation footing settlement repair, bowing wall repair, and basement wall crack repair.



Foundation Footing Settlement

Is your foundation settling, or do you have leaning walls?  We have solutions.

Basement Water Problems

Do you have water in your basement?  We have solutions.

Bowing Walls /
Basement Wall Cracks

Are your basement walls bowing, or do you have cracks in your walls?  We have solutions.



Pivotal Basement Solutions is a family owned and operated business serving homeowners across Central Illinois. With a combined 37 years of experience, Pivotal is helping homeowners protect their biggest asset by providing solutions for problems such as basement water problems, foundation footing settlement, bowing basement walls, and wall cracks. Pivotal bases their business on dignity and integrity, a business model where we hold a higher purpose beyond financial success, always putting the customer's interests and needs first. Pivotal applies these principles in all that we do, and if you observe our work, you will see, feel and benefit from this noteworthy difference.



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