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Pivotal Basement Solutions repairs bowing basement walls & basement wall cracks:


Bowing Basement Walls

Bowing or rotating walls are typically a result of lateral movement caused by expanding clay soils.  Expansion occurs during times of heavy and prolonged rains.  Our solutions involve the installation of tieback anchors or soldier columns to provide structural reinforcement to your foundation walls.  In some cases of highly expansive soils, excavation and exterior pressure relief systems may also be needed to fully solve the problem.



Basement Wall Cracks

Poured Foundation Walls:  It's very common for poured foundation walls to develop shrink cracks, sometimes allowing water to enter your basement during certain, heavy driving rains.  When this occurs, our solutions include epoxy/urethane crack injections to prevent water from entering through the cracks into your basement.


Block Foundation Walls:  It's very common with block foundation walls for the mortar joints to deteriorate and allow water into your basement.  Our solution involves cleaning out your mortar joints and tuck-pointing the joints.


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