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Pivotal Basement Solutions provides services to resolve these common basement water problems:


Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is a term used to describe a high or rising water table.  In Central Illinois, water tables can fluctuate depending on rainfall amounts, snowmelt, and drought.  If the water table rises enough, water can come up through cracks in the basement floor or around the perimeter at the floor and wall seam.  Our solution involves the installation of interior drainage systems and sump pumps, relieving the hydrostatic pressure and keeping the water table below your basement floor.


Exterior Water Problems

Exterior water issues include standing water in the yard, water coming in over top of foundation, window wells filling up, and downspouts dumping next to the foundation.  Our effective solutions include correcting your yard grade, installing french drains and extending your downspouts.


Foundation Wall Cracks

Poured Foundation Walls:  It's very common for poured foundation walls to develop shrink cracks, sometimes allowing water to enter your basement during certain, heavy driving rains.  When this occurs, our solutions include epoxy/urethane crack injections to prevent water from entering through the cracks into your basement.


Block Foundation Walls:  It's very common with block foundation walls for the mortar joints to deteriorate and allow water into your basement.  Our solution involves cleaning out your mortar joints and tuck-pointing the joints.


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