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Pivotal Basement Solutions repairs these common foundation problems:


Settling Foundation Footing

Settlement of a foundation can occur for a variety of reasons.  A common reason involves the shrinkage of clay soils during periods of drought.  Settlement can also occur due to soil erosion or fill material not being compacted properly during construction.  Cracks in brick and mortar along with drywall cracking and windows and doors not working properly could also be a result of foundation settlement. Our solutions include the installation of piers to support your foundation and prevent further settlement.  With minor cases, water management may be beneficial to help with settlement prevention.


Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks can occur for several reasons.  Some cracks are structural problems, whiles others are not.  Our solutions include epoxy/urethane injections for non-structural cracks to prevent water from entering your basement, or piering/wall anchor installation if your foundation structure requires.


Bowing or Rotating Walls

Bowing or rotating walls are typically a result of lateral movement caused by expanding clay soils.  Expansion occurs during times of heavy and prolonged rains.  Our solutions involve the installation of tieback anchors or soldier columns to provide structural reinforcement to your foundation walls.  In some cases of highly expansive soils, excavation and exterior pressure relief systems may also be needed to fully solve the problem.


Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is a term used to describe a high or rising water table.  In Central Illinois, water tables can fluctuate depending on rainfall amounts, snowmelt, and drought.  If the water table rises enough, water can come up through cracks in the basement floor or around the perimeter at the floor and wall seam.  Our solution involves the installation of interior drainage systems and sump pumps, relieving the hydrostatic pressure and keeping the water table below your basement floor.


Exterior Water Problems

Exterior water issues include standing water in the yard, water coming in over top of foundation, window wells filling up, and downspouts dumping next to the foundation.  Our effective solutions include correcting your yard grade, installing french drains and extending your downspouts.


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